Frequently Asked Questions


Why care about reefs?

Coral reefs are some of the most biodiverse environments on the planet. They provide a sheltered place for juvenile fish to grow to full size before they go into the open ocean. Their biodiversity has human ramifications; many people rely on reefs as a source of food and income to provide for their families. On an even grander scale, many medicines (such as several cancer drugs) have been discovered on the reef. 


Do you only work on reefs?

No! CIRCE is concerned with ocean health in all aspects. Our current work is actually focused in the Narragansett area of southern Rhode Island. We are a Rhode Island based nonprofit and we are finding ways to give back to our local community. We're predominantly working on the issue of plastic proliferation, an issue that impacts every part of the ocean.


I'm a student looking for internship and volunteer opportunities. Do you have anything?

Absolutely. We're always looking for good people to bring on to our team! If you head over to our careers tab, you can see what positions we're currently looking for. With that being said, we almost always are willing to take on new volunteers. If that's you, go ahead and email us or use the contact us section on the bottom of this page to send us a message!


What can you do? You're only a couple of people.

You're right, we are a small group right now, but we are working on having an oversized impact. Educating students, using social media, and fighting for our research to impact policy are all ways that we intend to make a difference. 


I want to help, but I live far away and I can't donate. What do I do?

The great thing about the environment is that it is all around every one of us. If you can't help us specifically, that doesn't mean that you can't make an impact where you live! There are plenty of ways that you can work to make your home more environmentally friendly. Always feel free to reach out, we're here to help you where we can. 


Ok, so I can donate, but what is my money going to?

Your money will primarily go funding the research that CIRCE is doing. Our microplastic research is something that will impact every person on this Earth, and by funding our research you can be part of the solution. 


How do I get in touch with you?

You can always reach us via email, at We try to respond within a day, and usually it's faster than that. That goes for educational opportunities as well!


You keep saying international and it's in your name, where else do you go?

Outside of the US, we are conducting research in Bonaire. We also plan on expanding this research set to several other locations around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much of our international work has been put on pause however, and we are currently focused on domestic work that will have international impact.  


Do you have to be able to dive to volunteer?

Absolutely not! While most of our staff are divers, it is not a requirement to work with us. We can use help in plenty of other areas, so if you have a skill that you think will help, reach out!