Who We Are

The Center for International Reef Conservation and Ecology (CIRCE) is a foundation currently based in Rhode Island, USA. Our mission is to preserve our oceans and to be an advocate for education and awareness surrounding the importance of the Ocean and reef ecosystems.

Currently, our work is focused on the cost of Southern Rhode Island. It's where we're from and who we are. 

Meet Our Team





Bill Ferrara

One of the founding members and the current CEO of CIRCE. He has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Rhode Island and is currently earning a Masters of Natural Resources from Virginia Tech. Bill is also a certified Divemaster and scientific diver. Before starting CIRCE, Bill served in the US Army.

His love for the ocean started when he lived in Bermuda as a young child, and has only grown stronger ever since. 


Lindsey Mooney

One of the founding members and current COO of CIRCE. She is an experienced SCUBA diver and has conducted research around coral reef health. She is also currently a student at the University of Rhode Island, pursuing her bachelor's degree in Marine Affairs.

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Matthew Ferrara


The current CFO of CIRCE. Matthew graduated from the prestigious Farmer School of Business at Miami University (OH) with a BS in Finance. Matthew served as CFO for Miami Business Consulting and is an experienced financial analyst and advisor.

Our Researchers


Alex Tompkins

Starting as an underwater photographer, Alex has always appreciated the natural beauty of the sea. Combining that love with a double major in Marine Affairs and Biology, an a minor in Marine Biology, Alex hopes to be the next Jacques Cousteau and leave the oceans in a better condition than he found them in.

James Prongay

James is currently pursuing a B.S in Aquaculture Fishery Science and Technology at the University of Rhode Island. As a member of CIRCE’s Microplastics team he hopes to apply the traditional aquaculture knowledge to help solve complex ecological issues in a lab setting. James hopes to further use his aquaculture knowledge to help build CIRCE’s future  reintroduction programs.